Assignment 2: Armatures for Animation

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For this assignment you will be creating three rigs of a character which could be further developed and used in popular animation programs such as Toon Boom, Anime Studio, or Flash. These will be drawn with conventional materials such as pencil and paper and further cleaned up and prepared for the animation process in a digital format. The digital version of these rigs can vary depending on how you desire your finished animation to look. You can either retain the texture and feel of traditional materials, or redraw the characters in Photoshop or Illustrator. You will be creating a frontal view (arms out) and two side views (one facing left and one facing right).

Week 1. Introduction to Loomis’ forms and method of how to construct a character using simple shapes.

Homework: Collect reference material for the use of creating your character.
Week 2. Sketching and problem solving, working in colored pencil or erasable media (pencil).

Week 3. Finalization and inking. Can be done traditionally with pen and ink, or your drawings may be scanned and completed in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Required Work and Format

You must submit a disc containing all of your drawings. At least one page of the Loomis shapes. 1 page of your preliminary sketches. And the finalized character in frontal view, and two side views. These can be submitted as Jpegs or all together as 1 PDF.


basic armatures


One major consideration in the creation of these armatures is to determine how the weight will be carried and expressed in your rig.


Considerations of how weight effects movement should also be considered. A good rig will look as if it is moving effortlessly, not that it is being forced to move. This is a difficult thing to explain with words, but we’ve all seen the robotic looking animations that come off as being too stiff. This is generally due to not showing how weight, and balance effect the rig. The balance of a character can often be shown in the preliminary stages of the drawing with the creation of simple shaped based versions of your characters.