Drawing Part 2


Semion’s research involving light painting and digital manipulation.

Lukas investigates simple hand made textures to be used for 3d. PDF

hand_drawn_3d_texture hand_drawn_textured_3d_cube

Andri uses light and video to make drawings.

And some of Semion’s final pieces.





Vanda Used Illustrator to draw various shapes which she infused into video compositions. Therefore drawing both with the video as well as the masks which was creating.

Shapes from Vanda Knapkova on Vimeo.

Roman used a series of digital manipulated portraits of himself to give the effect of aging and death of himself.



Tamara used photographs of people as her drawing media and created an entire alphabet based upon the manipulations of these forms.



Liaman used a projector flashing different colored lights to animate patterns she drew.

Radovan used a motor, some wood, and LEDs to make a spinning light drawing sculpture. See full process here.

Screen-shot-2014-02-10-at-4.07.47-PM Screen-shot-2014-02-10-at-4.09.28-PM Screen-shot-2014-02-10-at-4.10.10-PM

Ayna makes a series of paintings you can view the PDF HERE.


We will begin with an overview of what the entire semester entails. And your responsibilities.

Once this is finished we will watch Matthew Collings’ This is Modern Art

Upon finishing the video we will move on to looking into the works of Sol Le Witt. An American artist who is known for drawings which consisted of a set of instructions.



We will then create instructions for a piece of art which will be the basis of the homework for the week.

The instructions must utilize only the following materials.

They are



Acrylic Paint






In the second half of this drawing course you will be engaging in a series of small in class assignments, as well as one project which you will be working on throughout the entire semester. The two assignments will run concurrently, therefore it is important to create a strong concept and area of exploration for the entirety of the semester as it pertains to your Self Directed Project, as well as be able to complete weekly assignments into a variety of subjects exploring media, composition, color and technique. We will be looking critically both at the nuts and bolts of contemporary artists, as well as try to discern the problem exploration involved in the creation of their conceptual framework.

Click Here for a list of supplies needed for this course.