Drawing Part 1

Stop Motion with Alternative Materials




For this assignment you will be creating a character (or abstract shape), which exists in a certain environment, and you will be animating your character/shape via no less than 100 hand drawn frames. (P2.2) There are various stages which need to be presented in order to successfully finish this assignment. From simple sketching and storyboarding, and idea generation, to a finished drawing of the environment in which you wish the character to inhabit. One finalized drawing of your character, one finalized of the environment, and the final animation must be submitted. Students will be encouraged to utilize their strengths in drawing and apply it to the necessary media as well as production. (P4.1)


You are allowed to incorporate scanned textures, photos, draw on peoples bodies, etc in the creation of this work. You may use programs such as Toon Boom, or Flash however each frame must still be hand drawn, and all frames must be exported individually as well. Students are NOT bound to creating this work simply as a 100 frame animation in the traditional sense, but my hopes are that students blend a multitude of media to create both the character, the movement, and the environment in which it/he/she resides. (D1) Judging by the speed at which students work, they will be encouraged to add sound or other effects to their animations in post-production.

Be aware that the storyboarding for this assignment does not have to be adhered to in the traditional sense. A storyboard can simply be a working document which helps plan your work and guides the process.


What will be submitted?

Storyboards ( scanned)

Sketches (scanned)

Finalized Environment

Finalized Character

All of your frames

Finalized and compressed animation (must be less than 500 mb in size!)



Examples and Inspiration

Brain Lapse by Jake Fried 2014.
Hand-drawn animation with ink, white-out, coffee and collage.
More at http://www.inkwood.net

Animation experiment, photographing charcoal drawings and transferring them to my laptop, using Adobe Flash CS3 for animation and Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0 for editing.
Largely rotoscoped.

Cyriak uses Aftereffects and crappy videos of animals to make his pieces. He uses aftereffects in the creation of these.



The Umbrella is a short animated film produced in Griffith Film School. The animation has been made with oil painting on glass.

A collection of works from the BFA1 class in Experimental Animation. Edited by Jamie Tan.

I made the video in ToonBoom Animate 3.


This unit aims to develop and extend learners’ technical and creative skills through drawing and their understanding of drawing media, materials and techniques. Learners will be encouraged to develop visual thinking and creativity as fundamental to all design work. It will enable learners to experiment with drawing approaches and techniques in order to broaden their experience and understanding of visual language. Learners will need to use traditional art and design materials and media, as well as extending their visual language and creativity through experimenting with unusual materials and media.