Drawing Part 1

Perspective and Interiors

Perspective is an illusion which makes a 2 dimensional surface (ie. a piece of paper, or a screen) look as if it is 3 dimensional. This can be achieved in a variety of ways.

Including 1 point perspective. Which you can watch a video tutorial here about.

2 point perspective

and 3 point perspective

Another type of perspective which can be used in shallow spaces is isometric perspective. Where you simply draw all the lines which are receding into the distance in parallel.

First we will attempt to make 4 different drawings utilizing all 4 of these types of perspective.




Foreground, Middleground, Background





This unit aims to develop and extend learners’ technical and creative skills through drawing and their understanding of drawing media, materials and techniques. Learners will be encouraged to develop visual thinking and creativity as fundamental to all design work. It will enable learners to experiment with drawing approaches and techniques in order to broaden their experience and understanding of visual language. Learners will need to use traditional art and design materials and media, as well as extending their visual language and creativity through experimenting with unusual materials and media.