Independent Studio Practice


During critiques we look at your progress. This may include finished works, tests, or your results from the prompts ( we will look at the prompts only on the first critique) .  Do not bring plans, or pdf presentations . If your piece is meant to be projected, then project it. If it is an interactive piece then set it up in the studio. We want to look at the pieces in the studio space. Not just at your computers ( unless the piece is meant to ultimately be displayed on a computer screen) .

We will look at your results so far and give immediate verbal feedback. As a group we will give feedback on the piece, and what we feel is strong in the work.

The module guide is designed to support your studies in the Independent Studio Practice Module in Year Three. It contains information that will help you to understand the structure, content, and delivery of the module and the kind of learning experience, aims, and outcomes you can expect. It is also a useful resource document that will give you advice on how to get the most out of this module.