Independent Studio Practice

Final Presentations

A studio based presentation of visual work evidencing selectivity and discerning critical judgement in the methodology applied to articulate exhibition project production intent.


At the end of the semester you will make a studio presentation which is a small curated selection of your documentation and working process in the studio, with some finalized as well as works in progress.  This will be created in your working space, and will help form the bridge between this class and the exhibition production class.  This small, personal exhibition of works (we will refer to it as the studio presentation) should be focused on the creation of a specific conceptual as well as technical pieces.  

This presentation must be documented. That means you should record your presentation on video and then submit it, along with your finished statement of intent. In your working space.




The module guide is designed to support your studies in the Independent Studio Practice Module in Year Three. It contains information that will help you to understand the structure, content, and delivery of the module and the kind of learning experience, aims, and outcomes you can expect. It is also a useful resource document that will give you advice on how to get the most out of this module.