Independent Studio Practice

Introduction of Prompt #2 : 6 minutes

Today we will introduce the next prompt.


You will create a durational piece. It is to be created in a time based medium, and will last 6 minutes. You are not allowed to use time lapse, or slow motion. If you wish to edit the piece, each clip should be 6 minutes long, which can then be edited into a 6 minute final work.


When you turn on the camera, or begin the performance, etc. you should be thinking of time as your medium. You have 6 minutes. Go!


By looking at Tehching Hsieh we can get a good sense of what duration means in the extreme sense, and hopefully this will guide our own paths and experiments as well.




“The performance artist made himself punch a clock every hour for a year, in a work now recognised as seminal”



Other Resources:


Bruce Nauman



UbuWeb: ;

Tehching Hsieh: Live Art Development Agency in London will make available online from 12-26 October one important film:

“In his third one-year performance piece, from 26 September 1981 through 26 September 1982, Hsieh spent one year outside, not entering buildings or shelter of any sort, including cars, trains, airplanes, boats, or tents. As he roamed around Lower Manhattan he relied on pay phones and chance meetings to keep in touch with his friends. Each day, he recorded his wanderings on a map, noting in particular the places where he ate and slept. The film documents his activities over the course of the year.”

Early Marina Abramovic pieces, the ones with Ulay were almost always durational:

Kira O’Reilly, Stair Falling, originally the performance was about 4 hours long when she performed it in Manchester, but there is no good video documentation available really, there is an edited short video from another version from Ljubljana:

Kira O’Reilly from Cityofwomen on Vimeo.

Alastair MacLennan,

There is one video of a relatively recent performance available:


Monica Ross

During the last years of her life performing the entire Declaration of Human Rights, either solo or with other reciters, always memorised by heart, for 60 times in total between 2008 and 2013:

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