Independent Studio Practice

Presentation of Documentation and Statement of Intent

Today you will be meeting with George and presenting all of your documentation to him as well as your statement of intent. He will be looking at these from an outside perspective and give some immediate feedback before the christmas break. You should have all of your documentation digitised (photographed, scanned, uploaded to your blog, etc.). George will be looking at this work and how you have it organised and give feedback as to how to improve it in preparation for the final presentations. Each meeting will last around 20 minutes. You will be emailed the time slot you will have.

The module guide is designed to support your studies in the Independent Studio Practice Module in Year Three. It contains information that will help you to understand the structure, content, and delivery of the module and the kind of learning experience, aims, and outcomes you can expect. It is also a useful resource document that will give you advice on how to get the most out of this module.