Media Experimentation in Art and Design: Lessons 7 and 8


Thursday – Jeremiah:



Today you will be assigned your first project for this class. 

For this project you will make graffiti stencils based upon different animals. What’s a stencil? Well, a stencil is a piece
of hard paper (or sometimes cardboard, pizza boxes work well) upon which an image is cut. This then makes it easy
to spray paint an image through the opening which is cut. Take a look at this video if you’re still confused.


First Step: Mashing up your animal from two images.

So, you’re going to be creating a mash up of two different animals
which will first be sketched, and then cut into different layers.

What do animal mash ups look like? Good question. Here are some examples.

Can I use photoshop to make my mashup of animals? Do I have to draw it?

Yes, and yes. Yes you can use photoshop as a place to mash up your animals. And yes you do have to draw it.
Generally students make a collage/mash up in Photoshop first, and then draw from that image.

2nd Step: Identifying large value shapes and preparing the stencil for cutting by tracing/redrawing the image.

You can use illustrator, or your eyes.

3rd Step: Cutting The Stencil out of your selected material.

What types of materials work well for stencils?

Cardboard can be difficult to cut, but if you find the flat pressed cardboard such as that in Pizza boxes this works well.

The hard pink plastic folders you can buy at the school work pretty good. (Don’t get the flimsy plastic ones, but the harder ones)

Acetate (Folie) can be purchased at a paper store and used. However be sure to find one that is not too hard/thick.

A stencil cutter can be used for those wanting the highest amount of detail.

4th Step: Spraying the stencil and submission. If you want a specific color you will have to buy it yourself. We have a strange assortment of colors available but you never know what will be left over.

Once you’ve got a finished image you are happy with. You will then submit a digital image of your stencil (jpeg
format, digital photo or can be scanned at school ). You must also submit your sketches, and your mash up image as a PSD (with layers), and a jpeg (if
you used Photoshop)


Friday – Ryan:
Intro to color theory

Analyse images in class

Begin photo and image collection (5 photos, 5 illustrations or designs)


Lecture notes

Color Analysis example

Color Analysis sheet



Wandering Line Collage brief