Painting Intensive: Materials

All students are required to buy their own materials for the class. This would be at a minimum of 1500 kc for paints and supplies as I have calculated below. Painting isn’t cheap! If you’ve inherited some paints from your grandmother then don’t worry! As long as you have the primary colors in watercolors, acrylics, and oils you’ll be ok as long as you have canvases, masonite, paper, to paint on. We’ll talk more about this the first day.

Some good places to buy art supplies include


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Buy one of the cheapest A4 sketchbooks you can find!

materials would include watercolor set (could even be a kids set) these can range from 50kc and up.

Drawing paper or watercolor block 50Kc (simplest form would be 15 pieces a4 drawing paper)

4 tubes of student grade acrylic paint. 480Kc
Cadmium Red (hue) , Cad Yellow (hue), and Ultramarine Blue. Titanium White­barvy/akrylove­barvy­basics­liquitex/
4 tubes oil paint 400Kc
Cad. Red (hue) , Cad Yellow (hue), Ultramarine Blue, Titanium White­barvy/olejove­barvy­winton/
1 bottle of Linseed oil 80kc
a rag, a baby food jar ( I can bring these if you don’t have them)
brush cleaner 80Kc
5 to 10 pieces of paper or a sketchbook
6 A4 canvas boards, masonite, or stretched canvas 360Kc­a­desky/desky/