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Eye Pencil Drawings and Step by Step Tutorial

When considering how to draw the human eye one must first look at the multitude of eye pencil drawings which I have linked below in the resource section. In this step by step tutorial you will learn how to construct the human eye from simple shapes while using pencil and a little bit of chalk for highlights. The drawing will be done on brown craft paper (you can use the brown paper bag paper if you have nothing else) and this is used because the brown paper will serve as a neutral grey tone which means in this drawing we will only be going darker, and lighter around this middle tone. The brown paper can be substituted for grey canson paper if desired.


Step 1 

Define the major shapes with simple outlines. Use source materials, a model, or a photograph for reference.

Step 2

Fill in the pupil and draw an organic shape indicating what will be the fluctuations of value in the iris.  Remember not to press to hard with your pencil as this will destroy the tooth of the paper and make it difficult to erase.

Step 3

Make a pile of graphite from your pencil. Dab your finger in it and use it to make some soft values in step 4.

Step 4

Blend some soft values with your finger under the top lid of the eye and around the iris.

Step 5

Blend the eyelids and the contour under the eye using a combination of your finger and pencil.

Step 6

Use some white charcoal (they also come in pencil form) to pop in a few highlights. Be minimal here and don’t go overboard!

Step 7


Add the eyelashes by paying attention to making them all curved and not straight. Use an eraser  to help soften the highlights and shape the eyelashes.


Eye Pencil Drawings Resources

Here is a bunch of eye pencil drawings resources for those who want to learn how to draw eyes. The human eye can be quite a challenge and is a great piece of anatomy to examine as there are many varying planes to consider and one can push the detail all the way down to the individual lashes.

Look at these resources and eye pencil drawings for further reference.