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Drawing Class Lesson 4: Personification


For this lesson you will be assigned an object as well as an emotion which you will have to combine to make an illustration of the object exhibiting the trait which you have been assigned. For instance you could make a thoughtful tree, as the one above, or a happy car, as the one below.  Once your initial drawings/sketches are finished we will then work through them again putting emphasis on line variation and some examples of weighted lines will also be introduced.

PDF Of all Exercises and Drawings covered in today’s class.

Introduction of the First Assignment which can be downloaded HERE.


Personification is the process by which you give an inanimate object (such as a desk lamp) human like characteristics. This can be achieved in a number of ways. One could make an object seem human by changing the posture and the movement of the object, such as in Pixar’s intro. Notice that the light bulb naturally seems like an eye even though there isn’t any eyeball. Sometimes less is more, and if you can personify an object just by using gesture and movement then you’re on your way to being a great animator.

Or Personification can be when we give inanimate object human features. Such as in Beauty and The Beast.

For this assignment you will all be given different object which you must personify. A few good source materials to use would be this are different expressions and how they are drawn.

Here’s a brief video tutorial on how to draw some different expressions.

And just in case you’re still in need of some inspiration. Here’s some of Towelie’s best moments from South Park.