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Writing a statement of intent for artistic practices


Meetings with George and Jeremiah about your Statement of Intents.

During these meetings you should show your progress into the creation of the SOI. The statement of intent will be a 250 word pdf written about your intentions as well as references in the creation of your work throughout the semester. This is a flexible document, meaning you can change directions as they arise.

If you have any questions about the requirements of the statement of Intent you can consult the student handbook, or look at this excerpt from the course descriptor.

Written Assignment (Statement of Intent) (K2, T2,T4)

“The statement of intent: a reflective, concise piece of writing which details, evaluates, and contextualises each student’s self- authored project designed to identify and build upon personal aptitudes and strengths and articulate ideas clearly. An essential and transferable skill required for career progression as an artist practitioner.


The ability to independently apply a sophisticated range of research methods using appropriate specialist sources and discursive contexts is articulated in the Statement of Intent.
The ability to independently plan, manage, review and evaluate key aspects of own learning and development is articulated.
The ability to propose a selectively appropriate choice of methodologies, strategies and technologies for the production of high quality artifacts.

In addition to the statement of Intent you should remember that at the end of the semester you will be creating a studio presentation. 

Studio Presentation (C2, P2)

The ability to independently evaluate and apply theoretical knowledge and concepts in visual and curatorial contexts is materially evidenced.
Advanced production expertise in the use of appropriate materials, applied strategies, processes and media for the successful development and depiction of ideas is materially evidenced

That research ethics and project consent are embedded in the process of production and display of textual and visual artefacts 

Statement’s of intent are often used as one of the most important documents required for applying for Masters programs. These programs tend to ask the following questions.

Reflect on what drives you as an artist. Whether you are driven by the beauty of nature or rebelling against government oppression, search your past for any defining moments that may have shaped your perspective. Write these memories down on scrap paper as a reference source while writing your statement of purpose.

Research the artistic benefits of study in each studio art program you wish to apply to. Review the artwork of the instructors and read their personal biographies. This information should be available on the program website. Be certain to note how each program has the potential to enhance your artwork. Identify anything about your art or your personal character that may be an asset to these programs.

Open your statement of purpose with a compelling statement in three sentences that sums up your passion, your direction and your motivation for being an artist.

Explain your artwork and your experience as an artist in one to two paragraphs. Discuss any important courses taken in college that helped to shape your art, including any professors who influenced you.